Business Electricity and Gas Switching FAQs

Are there any costs involved in using this switching service?

We do not need to charge the customer for using this switching service as we get commission directly from the supplier for introducing a new customer to them.

How often are the prices updated?

This can depend on the supplier and the market. We are notified directly by suppliers when their prices change. These are then immediately input into our pricing matrix to make sure that the prices you see are as up-to-date as possible. Prices for some suppliers may change every week whilst other suppliers’ prices may not be changed for a number of months.

How long does it take to switch suppliers?

Switching suppliers normally takes between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. However, various factors can change this, for example if you are still in contract with another supplier or if the new supplier does not have all information that they require to complete the switch. If you use our online service the time taken to switch will be greatly reduced as all details are captured by our system and the contract is signed electronically.

If I select a supplier and sign and my contract via your site is this signature legally binding?

Our suppliers accept contracts signed online. We use a well established and trusted electronic signing service, which is both legally binding and secure.

Why should I use your service rather than go directly to the supplier?

We have negotiated special prices with various suppliers, so the prices that we offer will normally be less than you would get if you went directly to the supplier. In addition we handle any issues that may arise, validate your contract and track it all the way to make sure that it is processed as quickly as possible.

Typically you’ll save money and time. You can’t lose.

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Why was my Electricity Supply number (MPAN) not recognised?

We validate your supply number at the first stage of the switching process. This number is used to determine the prices available to you so it is important that the correct numbers are input. Please double check your bill and make sure that you have input it correctly. It is also possible that your current supplier has made a mistake on your bill. You can contact the distributor MPAS service (see numbers below), who will be able to help you obtain an accurate MPAN number. Alternatively you may contact us by telephone on 0800 690 6324 or by email at info@utilitiesdirect.co.uk.  An expert will then be able to find this information for you.

Area Distribution Company Phone Number
North Scotland SSE Power 0870 9009690
South Scotland SP Power Systems 0845 2709101
North East England CE Electric (NEDL) 0845 6013268
North West United Utilities 0870 7510093
Yorkshire CE Electric (YEDL) 0845 3300889
East Midlands Central Networks 0845 6030618
West Midlands Central Networks 0845 6030618
Eastern England EDF Energy 0845 6030618
South Wales Western Power 0845 6015972
Southern England SSE Power 0870 9050806
London EDF Energy 0845 6015467
South East England EDF Energy 0845 6015467
South West England Western Power 0845 6015972
North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire SP Manweb 0845 2709101
I have just taken over a business address. Can I switch suppliers or am I tied to the previous contract?

Yes you can switch suppliers. As this is a Change of Tenancy you are not obliged to retain the previous owners’ energy suppliers. When you fill in your contract or use our switching wizard you will see an option to add a date for the Change of Tenancy.

What is the cost of using your service?

Our costs are recovered from commission paid to us by suppliers via the contracts you agree using this service. Full details of these commissions are available upon request.

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